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The World of Modigliani and Miller
Edition: Not Available
Pages : 253

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About the book

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CAUTION!You are about to enter a world...where all engineering ingenuity has been employed for public spectacles of torture and deathwhere the stock market operates with pari-mutuel machineswhere a court clerk transcribes testimony on punch cards, then feeds it to a jury machinewhere the dream real-estate development of today has become a cracked-concrete savage jungleIn this world, young lawyer Charles Mundin battles a great combine of corporate interests—battles them in board meetings and in dark alleys—in a struggle that lays bare some brutal promises of the future...promises we are beginning to make right now.“…wholly admirable, in both thinking and execution.”—Galaxy“Reminiscent in vigor, bite and acumen to THE SPACE MERCHANTS”—Anthony Boucher.“...possessed of a bite and savage vigor which makes it one of the outstanding science fiction novels of the year.”—The New York Times“...a powerfully convincing story.”—New York Herald Tribune.

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