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The Abcs Of Socialism

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The Abcs Of Socialism by Bhaskar Sunkara The book is related to genre of political size of books is 7.6 MB available for free download. Slim, accessible, inexpensive, irreverent introduction to socialism by the writers of Jacobin magazine The remarkable run of self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders for president of the United States has prompted—for the first time in decades and to the shock of many—a national conversation about socialism. A New York Times poll in late November found that a majority of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism, and in New Hampshire in February, more than half of Democratic voters under 35 told the Boston Globe they call themselves socialists. It’s unclear exactly what socialism means to this generation, but couple with the ascendancy of longtime leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party in the UK, it’s clear there’s a historic, generational shift underway. This book steps into this moment to offer a clear, accessible, informative, and irreverent guide to socialism for the uninitiated. Written by young writers from the dynamic magazine Jacobin, alongside several distinguished scholars, The ABCs of Socialism answers basic questions, including ones that many want to know but might be afraid to ask (“Doesn’t socialism always end up in dictatorship?”, “Will socialists take my Kenny Loggins records?”). Disarming and pitched to a general readership without sacrificing intellectual depth, this will be the best introduction an idea whose time seems to have come again. Download Now..

Failings Of The International Court Of Justice by A. Mark Weisburd The book is related to genre of political size of books is 3.1 MB available for free download. Failings of the International Court of Justice critically examines the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice. Even though the legal instrument that establishes the Court provides that its judgments have no formal precedential value, those judgments are treated as authoritative by international lawyers throughout the world. In this book, A. Mark Weisburd argues that the Court's decisions are, in a large minority of cases, poorly reasoned and doubtful as a matter of law, and therefore ought not to be accorded the deference they receive. The book seeks to demonstrate its thesis by a careful review of the Court's errors. It begins with an examination of the law that created and empowered the Court. It then describes the body of law upon which the Court was intended to base its decisions, and the mistakes in the arguments supporting the Court's drawing legal rules from other sources. The book goes on to analyze in detail cases in which the Court has made serious legal errors, first addressing procedural errors, then turning to mistakes in the application of substantive international law. The book closes with a quantitative summing up of the Court's performance, and a tentative explanation for its relatively disappointing record. Download Now..

Identities On The Move: Contemporary Representations Of New Sexualities And Gender Identities by Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.4 MB available for free download. The development of new sexualities and gender identities has become a crucial issue in the field of literary and cultural studies in the first years of the twenty-first century. The roles of gender and sexual identities in the struggle for equality have become a major concern in both fields. The legacy of this process has its origins in the last decades of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century. The Victorian preoccupation about the female body and sexual promiscuity was focused on the regulation of deviant elements in society and the control of venereal disease; homosexuals, lesbians, and prostitutes' identities were considered out of the norm and against the moral values of the time. The relationship between sexuality and gender identity has attracted wide-ranging discussion amongst feminist theorists during the last few decades. The methodologies of cultural studies and, in particular, of post-structuralism and post-colonialism, urges us to read and interpret different cultures and different texts in ways that enhance personal and collective views of identity which are culturally grounded. These readings question the postmodernist concept of identity by looking into more progressive views of identity and difference addressing post-positivist interpretations of key identity markers such as sex, gender, race, and agency. As a consequence, an individual's identity is recognized as culturally constructed and the result of power relations. Identities on the Move: Contemporary Representations of New Sexualities and Gender Identities offers creative insights on pressing issues and engages in productive dialogue. Identities on the Move to addresses the topic of new sexualities and gender identities and their representation in post-colonial and contemporary Anglophone literary, historical, and cultural productions from a trans-national, trans-cultural, and anti-essentialist perspective. The authors include the views and concerns of people of color, of women in the diaspora, in our evermore multiethnic and multicultural societies, and their representation in the media, films, popular culture, subcultures, and the arts. Download Now..

Familie Und Belastete Generationenbeziehungen: Ein Beitrag Zu Einer Soziologie Des Familialen Feldes by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Pragmatic Humanism: On The Nature And Value Of Sociological Knowledge by Marcus Morgan The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. Is sociology best understood as simply chipping away at our ignorance about society, or does it have broader roles and responsibilities? If so, to what―or perhaps to whom―are these responsibilities? Installing humanity as its epistemological and normative start and endpoint, this book shows how humanism recasts sociology as an activity that does not merely do things, or effect things, but is also self-consciously for something. Rather than resurrecting problematic classical conceptions of humanism, the book instead constructs its arguments on pragmatic grounds, showing how a pragmatic humanism presents an improved picture of both the nature and value of the discipline. This picture is based less around the claim that sociology is capable of providing authoritative revelations about society, and more upon its capacity to offer representations of the social in epistemologically open, transformative, ethical, and hopeful ways. Ultimately, it argues that sociology's real value can only be disclosed by replacing its image as a discipline aimed towards disinterested social enlightenment with one of itself as a practice both dependent upon, and at its best self-consciously aimed towards, human ends and imperatives. It will appeal to scholars and students across the social sciences, and to those working in social theory, sociology, and philosophy of the social sciences in particular. Download Now..

From King To Obama: Witness To A Turbulent History by Earl Ofari Hutchinson The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.4 Mb available for free download. Download Now..

Terrorism And Homeland Security: An Introduction by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 16 MB available for free download. TERRORISM AND HOMELAND SECURITY: AN INTRODUCTION, Sixth Edition, is the best-selling terrorism book on the market. National terrorism expert Jonathan R. White provides specific examples that will enable you to understand how terrorism arises and how it functions. Dr. White gives essential historical (pre-1980) background on the phenomenon of terrorism and the roots of contemporary conflicts, includes detailed descriptions of recent and contemporary conflicts shaping the world stage, and presents theoretical and concrete information about Homeland Security organizations. Throughout, he reviews the relevant issues and challenges. With this sixth edition, Dr. White has fine-tuned the text and kept pace with the state of terrorism in today's world. Download Now..

Diskursive Inter- Aktionsmuster Des Libanonkonflikts: Legitime Interventionen Und Unrechtmäßige Einmischungen by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Multi-Level Governance: The Missing Linkages by Edoardo Ongaro The book is related to genre of political size of books is 3.1 MB available for free download. Multi-Level Governance (MLG) is a highly influential, supple and ductile framework for interpreting governance in complex polities. Yet, criticisms have been aimed at its allegedly overly 'descriptive', rather than explanatory, power. This volume argues that progress in both the study and the practice of MLG may derive from developing linkages with disciplines, perspectives and issues that have so far not been explored in connection to MLG. By discussing cases ranging from nuclear power policy to environmental policy in both the Western world and in Eastern Asia, and by engaging different theoretical perspectives and issues of practical significance, such as legitimacy in public decisions or the management of risk in multi-level settings, the book proposes ways forward for advancing the understanding of MLG - a framework of reference in the analysis of contemporary governance. The book will provide scholars and students in the fields of public administration, public policy and political science with key concepts for the analysis of contemporary governance issues, and will be a source of ideas for practitioners and policy-makers engaged in making public decisions in complex polities. Download Now..

Syria-Iran Axis : Cultural Diplomacy And International Relations In The Middle East by Nadia Von Maltzahn The book is related to genre of political size of books is 14.7 MB available for free download. Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the close alliance between Syria and Iran has endured for over three decades, based on geopolitical interests between the two states and often framed in the language of resistance. In view of their strong relationship at a state-level, what have Syria and Iran each been doing to foster popular exchange and employ cultural tools to build an image in the other country? The Syria-Iran Axis examines the motivations, content and reach of cultural diplomacy between Syria and Iran to determine to what degree the two partners have been successful in bridging their world views and political outlooks. By analysing the extent to which a state-directed cultural exchange can foster bilateral relations in the Middle East, Nadia von Maltzahn offers a unique analysis of the formation of foreign policy and diplomacy in the region. Download Now..

Protecting The Polar Marine Environment: Law And Policy For Pollution Prevention by Davor Vidas The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.4 MB available for free download. How can we best protect the polar marine environment against pollution? Leading scholars on environmental law, the law of the sea, and Arctic and Antarctic affairs here examine this important question. This book compares global, regional and national levels of regulation, and considers specific pollution issues such as land-based activities, the dumping of radioactive waste, and shipping in ice-covered waters. Developments since the establishment of the Arctic Council in 1996 and the entry into force of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty in 1998 are also discussed. Download Now..

Transforming Citizenships – Transgender Articulations Of The Law by Isaac West The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.1 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Schriften Zur Soziologie: Herausgegeben Von Klaus Lichtblau by Klaus Lichtblau The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Can Intervention Work?

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Can Intervention Work? by Gerald Knaus The book is related to genre of political size of books is 300.5 KB available for free download. Rory Stewart (author of The Places In Between) and Gerald Knaus distill their remarkable firsthand experiences of political and military interventions into a potent examination of what we can and cannot achieve in a new era of "nation building." As they delve into the massive, military-driven efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans, the expansion of the EU, and the bloodless "color" revolutions in the former Soviet states, the authors reveal each effort's enormous consequences for international relations, human rights, and our understanding of state building. Stewart and Knaus parse carefully the philosophies that have informed interventionism—from neoconservative to liberal imperialist—and draw on their diverse experiences in the military, nongovernmental organizations, and the Iraqi provincial government to reveal what we can ultimately expect from large-scale interventions, and how they might best realize positive change in the world. Download Now..