A Handbook Of Practicing Anthropology

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A Handbook Of Practicing Anthropology by Riall Nolan The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.9 MB available for free download. An essential career–planning resource, A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology presents a comprehensive account of contemporary anthropological practice written primarily by anthropological practitioners Engagingly written and instructive accounts of practice by anthropological professionals working in corporations, governmental, entrepreneurial, and educational settings Provides essential guidance on applying anthropological principles on the job: what works well and what must be learned Emphasizes the value of collaboration, teamwork, and continuous learning as key elements to success in non–academic careers Highlights the range of successful career options for practitioners , describes significant sectors of professional activity, and discusses key issues, concerns, and controversies in the field Chapters examine key practice sectors such as freelancing, managing a consulting firm, working for government, non–profits, and corporations, and the domains of health, industry, education, international development, and the military Download Now..

Eu Security Missions And The Israeli-palestinian Conflict by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. by Amr Nasr El-Din (Author) This book explores and analyses the various factors that affected the formulation of the common EU policy towards the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), as well as the specifics of the process by which the EU created EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah. It answers two central questions: firstly, why and how did the EU decide to create and deploy these missions? Secondly, where do these two missions fit into the general EU approach to the conflict in the Middle East? Based on confidential interviews with various actors in the process, uniquely granted to the author, it reveals the mechanics of decision-making behind the scenes and argues that the EU decision to expand its role in the MEPP, through the creation of the two missions, was closely related to the EU’s defined common interests in the Middle East. Further it shows, the missions were, mainly, the result of the EU’s already established approaches to further its role in the international political arena. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of European foreign policy, EU Politics, Middle East politics and studies, foreign policy analysis, and more broadly to international relations. is a former DAAD scholar at Universität Osnabrück, Germany, where he earned his PhD. He is currently a Diplomat at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt. Download Now..

Causes And Consequences Of Human Migration: An Evolutionary Perspective by Benjamin C. Campbell The book is related to genre of political size of books is 7.4 MB available for free download. Migration is a widespread human activity dating back to the origin of our species. Advances in genetic sequencing have greatly increased our ability to track prehistoric and historic population movements and allowed migration to be described both as a biological and socioeconomic process. Presenting the latest research, Causes and Consequences of Human Migration provides an evolutionary perspective on human migration past and present. Crawford and Campbell have brought together leading thinkers who provide examples from different world regions, using historical, demographic and genetic methodologies, and integrating archaeological, genetic and historical evidence to reconstruct large-scale population movements in each region. Other chapters discuss established questions such as the Basque origins and the Caribbean slave trade. More recent evidence on migration in ancient and present day Mexico is also presented. Pitched at a graduate audience, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in human population movements. Download Now..

Totalitarian Communication: Hierarchies, Codes And Messages by Kirill Postoutenko The book is related to genre of political size of books is 7.1 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Social Media In Industrial China

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Social Media In Industrial China by Xinyuan Wang The book is related to genre of political size of books is 5.2 MB available for free download. This book is one of a series of 11 titles. Nine are monographs devoted to specific field sites (including this one) in Brazil, Chile, China, England, India, Italy, Trinidad and Turkey – they will be published in 2016– 17. The series also includes a comparative book about all our findings, published to accompany this title, and a book which contrasts the visuals that people post on Facebook in the English field site with those on our Trinidadian field site. When we tell people that we have written nine monographs about social media around the world, all using the same chapter headings (apart from Chapter 5), they are concerned about potential repetition. However, if you decide to read several of these books (and we very much hope you do), you will see that this device has been helpful in showing the precise opposite. Each book is as individual and distinct as if it were on an entirely different topic. This is perhaps our single most important finding. Most studies of the internet and social media are based on research methods that assume we can generalise across different groups. We look at tweets in one place and write about ‘Twitter’. We conduct tests about social media and friendship in one population, and then write on this topic as if friendship means the same thing for all populations. By presenting nine books with the same chapter headings, you can judge for yourselves what kinds of generalisations are, or are not, possible. Download Now..

La Sociologie Du Corps

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La Sociologie Du Corps by David Le Breton The book is related to genre of political size of books is 126.7 KB available for free download. La sociologie du corps est un chapitre de la sociologie plus particulièrement attaché à la saisie de la corporéité humaine comme phénomène social et culturel, matière de symbole, objet de représentations et d’imaginaires. Elle rappelle que les actions qui tissent la trame de la vie quotidienne, des plus futiles ou des moins saisissables à celles qui se déroulent sur la scène publique, impliquent l’entremise du corps. De quelle manière cette sociologie de l’enracinement physique de l’acteur dans son environnement propose-t-elle une élucidation des logiques sociales et culturelles ? Download Now..

People Power: The Community Organizing Tradition Of Saul Alinsky by Aaron Schutz The book is related to genre of political size of books is 28.7 MB available for free download. Saul Alinsky, according to Time Magazine in 1970, was a ""prophet of power to the people,"" someone who ""has possibly antagonized more people …than any other living American."" People Power introduces the major organizers who adopted and modified Alinsky's vision across the United States: Fred Ross, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and the Community Service Organization and National Farm Workers Association Nicholas von Hoffman and the Woodlawn Organization Tom Gaudette and the Northwest Community Organization Ed Chambers, Richard Harmon, and the Industrial Areas Foundation Shel Trapp, Gale Cincotta, and National People's Action Heather Booth, Midwest Academy, and Citizen Action Wade Rathke and ACORN Weaving classic texts with interviews and their own context-setting commentaries, the editors of People Power provide the first comprehensive history of Alinsky-based organizing in the tumultuous period from 1955 to 1980, when the key organizing groups in the United States took form. Many of these selections–previously available only on untranscribed audiotapes or in difficult-to-read mimeograph or Xerox formats–appear in print here for the first time. Download Now..

Migration – Ressourcen – Biographie

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Migration – Ressourcen – Biographie by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.7 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Accountability Of Armed Opposition Groups In International Law by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.3 MB available for free download. Armed opposition groups generally fight governments, seeking overthrow and/or secession. But who is accountable under international law for the acts committed by these groups, or for the failure to prevent these acts? Zegveld examines the need legally to identify the parties involved when armed internal conflict arises, and the reality of their demand for rights. Although currently most armed conflicts are internal, they remain largely uncharted territory in law. This award-winning study will be of interest to academics, postgraduate students and professionals involved with armed conflict and international relations. Download Now..

Midnight In The American Empire: How Corporations And Their Political Servants Are Destroying The American Dream by Robert Bridge The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.6 MB available for free download. Corporate America is no longer content doing what it does best, which is making money. These business behemoths are aggressively attempting to control the entire economic, cultural and political realms of American life. They have nearly succeeded. Most Americans would agree that corporate power should be prohibited from disrupting the natural rhythm of our democratic institutions. Yet we the people are thwarted from addressing the subject of corporate power, not because we do not wish to have the conversation, but because we have nobody to address the issue. Our political representatives, hostages as they are to corporate campaign donations and government lobbyists, cannot seriously debate the question of corporate power. Indeed, their very careers depend on corporate power. Meanwhile, the media, the so-called Fourth Estate, refuses to discuss the issue of excessive corporate power because the media itself is a corporation. At the same time, the consequences of excessive corporate power are becoming acutely obvious inside of the corporate universe. Today, fewer U.S. workers are spending more time on the job to produce a greater amount of products, while not receiving fair recompense. Meanwhile, wages for American workers, adjusted for inflation, have remained stagnant for the past 30 years, while U.S. vacation time in the United States is the lowest of all the industrial economies. The blatant lack of representation in the workplace is directly responsible for these shameful statistics. Just 7 percent of the American workforce today enjoys union representation, a percentage that pales in comparison with past generations. There is also the question of corporations disrupting the fabric of cultural life. Indeed, today Main Street U.S.A. is largely unrecognizable. This can be witnessed in everything from the preponderance of fast food restaurants and hyper-stores, to Corporate America's aggressive monopoly on all forms of entertainment, which is on a downward spiral to total degeneracy. Since corporate-owned cultural venues (e.g., television, film, books) have more influence over our children than do educational institutions, it should come as no surprise that violence and unsocial behavior is on the rise. History has already proven that no nation can survive for long once its moral fabric has been shredded. Finally, the symptoms of extreme levels of corporate power in our lives are becoming increasingly conspicuous in a variety of ways. From the rise of destructive behavior at home, to the sadistic treatment prisoners of war in foreign lands (read: Guantanamo Bay), to the reckless disregard for the collapse of the natural environment, something has gone awry in the heart of America (I call it ‘corporate zombyism’). The nature of the problem suggests that the American psyche is being guided and influenced by less than respectable influences. Since it is Corporate America that is largely responsible for the degraded mental and physical content that we are now feeding the people, this institution must accept a large part of the blame for America’s fall from grace. The time has come to tame this beast of burden; the time has come to remove corporate power from the halls of power. It is time for the American people - like their proud and independent ancestors who founded this country many years ago - to regain control of their country once again. Download Now..

Dissent! Refracted : Histories, Aesthetics And Cultures Of Dissent by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.9 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Literaturkompass Politikwissenschaft: Einführung In Die Politikwissenschaftliche Literatur by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 1.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Latino Politics And Arizona’S Immigration Law Sb 1070 by Other The book is related to genre of political size of books is 2.1 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Participation And Democracy In The Twenty-First Century City by Jenny Pearce The book is related to genre of political size of books is 3.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Beyond Explicit: Pornography And The Displacement Of Sex by Helen Hester The book is related to genre of political size of books is 5.1 MB available for free download. Develops a novel characterization of the pornographic as a cultural concept. This original contribution to porn studies aims to interrogate previously untheorized changes in contemporary understandings of the pornographic. Helen Hester argues that the words “porn” and “pornographic” are currently being applied to an ever-expanding range of material and that this change in language usage reflects a wider shift in perception. She suggests that we are witnessing a seemingly paradoxical move away from sex within contemporary understandings of porn, as a range of other factors come to influence the concept. Using examples from media, literature, and culture, and discussing the rise of notions such as “torture porn” and “misery porn,” Hester’s argument ranges from sexually explicit German novels and British policy documents to a discussion of the differences between European and American editions of pornographic films. She concludes that four factors in particular—transgression, intensity, prurience, and authenticity—can be seen to influence the way that we think about porn. Download Now..