Resistance And Emancipation: Cultural And Poetic Practices (Hispanic Studies: Culture And Ideas) by Arturo Casas The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2.9 MB available for free download. This book is a collection of essays developed from the meetings of the ‘Poetics of Resistance’ network in Leeds (2008) and Santiago de Compostela (2009). The volume contains contributions from an international group of researchers and cultural producers, who are committed to the activation, promotion and analysis of counter-hegemonic practices both in the development and transmission of knowledge and in the emancipatory tools of cultural production. The essays in the collection are written by scholars, activists and artists from around the world and concern subjects as diverse as poetry, film, philosophy, literary theory, plastic arts and television. The relationship between cultural production and resistance lies at the heart of the book’s concerns. Creativity and its manifestations in art, cultural production and knowledge production are a vital resource for a type of resistance that draws upon the resolve and contribution of the individual to the same degree that it emphasizes the importance of collective reflection and action. The interaction between artistic production, emancipation and resistance therefore cannot be reduced to a commitment to particular ideologies as expressed in art or writing. Rather, the poetics of resistance and emancipation are produced through the negotiation of the subjective and the collective, of reflection and action, and of cultural practices and ideologies. The volume contains contributions in English and in Spanish. Download Now..

Speaking To You: Contemporary Poetry And Public Address by Natalie Pollard The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 1.2 MB available for free download. Speaking to You examines our pleasures in, accounts of, and uses for British poetry today. It explores the work of four important poets writing post-1960–Don Paterson, Geoffrey Hill, W.S. Graham, and C.H. Sissons–in order to show how contemporary British poetry's creative handling of addresses to 'you' are key in its interactions with readers, critics, lovers, editors, fellow poets, and deceased forebears. The book lays out clearly, in four sections that focus on individual writers, how saying 'you' operates in contemporary poetry. It shows how lyric address is bound up with poetry's ability to delight, move and tease its public. It puts address into dialogue with a range of familiar literary figures across the ages - namely specific Modernist, Romantic, early Modern, and Classical poets - that will be familiar to scholars and ordinary readers alike. From John Donne to Carol Ann Duffy, T.S. Eliot to Philip Larkin, Keats to Tony Harrison, address has been key in constructing political and personal identities. This book argues that, for contemporary poets - like that of these canonical writers - address is persuasive public interlocution; demanding 'you' rethink regional and historical allegiances. Download Now..

The Facts On File Companion To British Poetry Before 1600 by Michelle M. Sauer The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 3.1 MB available for free download. Some of the most important authors in British poetry left their mark on literature before 1600, including Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser, and, of course, William Shakespeare. "The Facts On File Companion to British Poetry before 1600" is an encyclopedic guide to British poetry from the beginnings to the year 1600, featuring approximately 600 entries ranging in length from 300 to 2,500 words. This comprehensive new work includes extensive coverage of all the famous poems of the period, including 60 of Shakespeare's finest sonnets and all of his other non-dramatic poems. Appendixes include a general bibliography and a glossary of poetic terms. Coverage includes: Major poems, such as "Beowulf", Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", Shakespeare's finest sonnets, Sidney's "Astrophil and Stella", Spenser's "The Faerie Queene", and many more. This title features poets, from Anglo-Saxon writers such as Alfred the Great and the "Beowulf" poet, to Middle English writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer, to the great poets of the 16th century such as Sir Thomas Wyatt, Christopher Marlowe, and, above all, William Shakespeare. It includes important themes, topics, and movements, such as Anglo-Saxon poetry, the alliterative revival, the Norman Conquest, and more. Download Now..

Gwendolyn Brooks, Elizabeth Alexander – The Essential Gwendolyn Brooks by Other The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 1.2 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Harvey Shapiro – A Momentary Glory: Last Poems by Other The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2 MB available for free download. Download Now..

Singularity And Transnational Poetics

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Singularity And Transnational Poetics by Birgit Mara Kaiser The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 12.8 MB available for free download. Over the past decade ‘singularity’ has been a prominent term in a broad range of fields, ranging from philosophy to literary and cultural studies to science and technology studies. This volume intervenes in this broad discussion of singularity and its various implications, proposing to explore the term for its specific potential in the study of literature. Singularity and Transnational Poetics brings together scholars working in the fields of literary and cultural studies, translation studies, and transnational literatures. The volume’s central concern is to explore singularity as a conceptual tool for the comparative study of contemporary literatures beyond national frameworks, and by implication, as a tool to analyze human existence. Contributors explore how singularity might move our conceptions of cultural identity from prevailing frameworks of self/other toward the premises of being as ‘singular plural’. Through a close reading of transnational literatures from Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and South Africa, this collection offers a new approach to reading literature that will challenge a reader’s established notions of identity, individuality, communicability, and social cohesion. Download Now..

The Poetry Of Jack Spicer

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The Poetry Of Jack Spicer by Daniel Katz The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2.6 MB available for free download. In the years since his death from alcohol poisoning, San Francisco Renaissance poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965) has gradually come to be recognized as one of most intriguing, demanding, and rewarding of the so-called 'New American Poetry' poets who were first published in Donald Allen's historic anthology of that name.This is the first full-length critical monograph on his work, placing it in the context not only of the San Francisco Renaissance and contemporary movements with which Spicer dialogued and often disagreed - such as the Beats, the Black Mountain poets, and the 'New York School' - but also of the major modernists from whom his innovative poetics derived, differed, and developed.Informed by much archival material only recently made available, The Poetry of Jack Spicer, examines Spicer's post-Poundian translation projects; his crucial theories of the 'serial poem' and inspiration as 'dictation'; his contrarian take on queer poetics; his insistently uncanny regionalism; and his elaboration of an epistolary poetics of interpellation and address. Download Now..

Adapting King Lear For The Stage New Edition Edition by Lynne Bradley The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2.3 MB available for free download. Questioning whether the impulse to adapt Shakespeare has changed over time, Lynne Bradley argues for restoring a sense of historicity to the study of adaptation. Bradley compares Nahum Tate's "History of King Lear" (1681), adaptations by David Garrick in the mid-eighteenth century, and nineteenth-century Shakespeare burlesques to twentieth-century theatrical rewritings of King Lear, and suggests latter-day adaptations should be viewed as a unique genre that allows playwrights to express modern subject positions with regard to their literary heritage while also participating in broader debates about art and society. In identifying and relocating different adaptive gestures within this historical framework, Bradley explores the link between the critical and the creative in the history of Shakespearean adaptation. Focusing on works such as Gordon Bottomley's "King Lear's Wife" (1913), Edward Bond's "Lear" (1971), Howard Barker's "Seven Lears" (1989), and the Women's Theatre Group's "Lear's Daughters" (1987), Bradley theorizes that modern rewritings of Shakespeare constitute a new type of textual interaction based on a simultaneous double-gesture of collaboration and rejection. She suggests that this new interaction provides constituent groups, such as the feminist collective who wrote "Lear's Daughters", a strategy to acknowledge their debt to Shakespeare while writing against the traditional and negative representations of femininity they see reflected in his plays. Download Now..

The Cambridge Introduction To Modernist Poetry (Cambridge Introductions To Literature) by Other The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 1.3 MB available for free download. Modernist poems are some of the twentieth-century's major cultural achievements, but they are also hard work to read. This wide-ranging introduction takes readers through modernism's most famous poems and some of its forgotten highlights to show why modernists thought difficulty and disorientation essential for poetry in the modern world. In-depth chapters on Pound, Eliot, Yeats and the American modernists outline how formal experiments take on the new world of mass media, democracies, total war and changing religious belief. Chapters on the avant-gardes and later modernism examine how their styles shift as they try to re-make the community of readers. Howarth explains in a clear and enjoyable way how to approach the forms, politics and cultural strategies of modernist poetry in English. Download Now..

Early Tahitian Poetics By David Meyer

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Early Tahitian Poetics By David Meyer by David Meyer The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2.4 MB available for free download. Tahiti has a rich history of oral tradition. Early visitors to the island transcribed recitations of myth, battle address, and land description. Until now their poetic organization has remained unexplored. From a computationally assisted analysis, this book describes early use of meter and parallelism and speculates on manner of composition. Download Now..

Victorian Literature: An Anthology (Blackwell Anthologies) by Victor Shea The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 16.4 MB available for free download. Victorian Literature is a comprehensive and fully annotated anthology with a flexible design that allows teachers and students to pursue traditional or innovative lines of inquiry – from the canon to its extensions and its contexts. • Represents the period’s major writers of prose, poetry, drama, and more, including Tennyson, Arnold, the Brownings, Carlyle, Ruskin, the Rossettis, Wilde, Eliot, and the Brontës • Promotes an ideologically and culturally varied view of Victorian society with the inclusion of women, working-class, colonial, and gay and lesbian writers • Incorporates recent scholarship with 5 contextual sections and innovative sub-sections on topics like environmentalism and animal rights; mass literacy and mass media; sex and sexuality; melodrama and comedy; the Irish question; ruling India and the Indian Mutiny and innovations in print culture • Emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the field with a focus on social, cultural, artistic, and historical factors • Includes a fully annotated companion website for teachers and students offering expanded context sections, additional readings from key writers, appendices, and an extensive bibliography Download Now..

Hölderlin’S Dionysiac Poetry: The Terrifying-Exciting Mysteries by Lucas Murrey The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 2 Mb available for free download. Download Now..

Rosemary M. Canfield Reisman, Irish Poets (Critical Survey Of Poetry by Other The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 1.3 MB available for free download. Download Now..

At Home In Time: Forms Of Neo-Augustanism In Modern English Poetry by Patrick Deane The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 14.9 MB available for free download. Patrick Deane argues that modern English poetry, in some key aspects, is indebted to the classical tradition and to the attitudes and modes of the 18th century. He illustrates how neo-Augustan values are apparent in the works of T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Louis MacNeice, A.D. Hope, Donald Davie, Charles Tomlinson, and others. The presence of these values, Deane suggests, is not a curiosity but part of a vital tradition of modern neo-Augustanism that has been previously overlooked. By tracing these writers' common interest in Horace, John Dryden, and Samuel Johnson, he uncovers important links between seemingly diverse modern poets. He challenges the whole interpretation of literary modernism, which has traditionally linked the modern poets to the Romantics and seen both as anti-Augustan. Deane concludes that these modern poets share a ready acceptance of linear time, within which all acts of artistic and social creativity must take place - a crucial factor in both the form and substance of their writings. Download Now..

Poetry As Testimony: Witnessing And Memory In Twentieth-Century Poems by Antony Rowland The book is related to genre of poetry size of books is 1.5 MB available for free download. This book analyzes Holocaust poetry, war poetry, working-class poetry, and 9/11 poetry as forms of testimony. Rowland argues that testamentary poetry requires a different approach to traditional ways of dealing with poems due to the pressure of the metatext (the original, traumatic events), the poems’ demands for the hyper-attentiveness of the reader, and a paradox of identification that often draws the reader towards identifying with the poet’s experience, but then reminds them of its sublimity. He engages with the work of a diverse range of twentieth-century authors and across the literature of several countries, even uncovering new archival material. The study ends with an analysis of the poetry of 9/11, engaging with the idea that it typifies a new era of testimony where global, secondary witnesses react to a proliferation of media images. This book ranges across the literature of several countries, cultures, and historical events in order to stress the large variety of contexts in which poetry has functioned productively as a form of testimony, and to note the importance of the availability of translations to the formation of literary canons. Download Now..