For decades, Juran's Quality Handbook has been the one essential reference in quality management and engineering—the ultimate authoritative source of answers on quality applications, procedures, techniques, and strategies. Now this Fifth Edition—a major revision and the first new edition of Juran's Quality Handbook in more than 10 years—forges a new standard in tools for quality. Bringing managers and engineers the most up-to-date methods, research, and theory, under the guidance of a team of the world's top experts, Juran's shows you how to plan for quality, achieve quality control, and ensure quality results. Packed with new methods, research, and thought on quality, and emphasizing the need for quality software and quality software development methods, this completely updated classic also gives you new information, new techniques, and new applications. Broad in scope and inclusive in methodology, Juran's Quality Handbook is the reference of choice for anyone concerned with quality in business, manufacturing, or engineering. Whether you're just beginning your journey or a longtime traveler on the quality path, this book is the best possible companion for your voyage.

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China is certainly doing its best to keep the world mesmerized by its e- nomic achievements. The Chinese economic growth story that begun 30 years ago has in terms of dynamics and duration long since surpassed all those "economic miracles" which have brought Germany, Japan, and the South East Asian Tigers into the top-league of the industrialized world.Download Now..

Emerging markets have received a particular attention of academic researchers and practitioners since they decided to open their domestic capital markets to foreign participants about three decades ago. At the same time, we remark that theoretical and empirical research in emerging stock markets has been particularly challenged by their fast changes in nature and size under the effects of financial liberalization and reforms.Download Now..

Real Estate Finance in a Nutshell

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This work presents a thorough overview of the law of real estate finance. It covers introductory matters, the mortgage market, real estate financing devices, the underlying obligation, mortgaged property, and transfer of both the mortgagor's interest and the mortgagee's interest. In addition, the volume treats rights and obligations after default and before foreclosure, priorities, foreclosure, and financing cooperatives and condominiums. The text also addresses reform. Legal principles are stated along with their underlying theories to enhance understanding of the law of real estate finance.Download Now..

While his contributions to game theory are well-known, the behavioral side of his scientific work has received less public exposure, even though he has been committed to experimental research during his entire career, publishing more experimental than theoretical papers in top-tier journals.Download Now..

Profit From The Panic

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How to Profit from the Greatest Investment Opportunity Since the Great Depression Will you become richer or poorer after a recession? The answer depends on what financial decisions you make TODAY. If you do nothing, you will become poorer. If you do the wrong thing, you will also become poorer. If you do the right thing, you will significantly expand your wealth! When the markets see red, the greatest investors see opportunity. Many of them like Warren Buffett are BUYING up stock, instead of selling it like most people. They have done it before in past financial crises, making their billions. Now they are doing it AGAIN. Educate yourself now or miss out on the greatest wealth building opportunity in your lifetime! What You Will Learn in this Book -Understand how the financial crisis started and its implications -Why most people lose money in the stock market and learn how to win big like the minority -Why the stock market will eventually recover and how to position yourself for the next bull run in Asia and the US - How to identify market tops, turning points and bottoms -Discover which sectors and stocks will be the first to rebound -How to find great undervalued stocks amidst the chaos -How to take advantage of the 70% plunge in the China Index, the 61% correction in the Singapore market and the 45% drop in the US market -Keys to build a balance and diversified portfolio - How to inflation-proof your portfolio and protect yourself from future downturns Download Now..

Successful Business Planning for Entrepreneurs differs in approach from traditional college texts that are highly theoretical. This text contains activities and features in which student participation in discussions and group activities is encouraged. The sequencing of chapters and units are designed to closely adhere to the Small Business Administration suggested business plan outline.Download Now..

Business Communication Today (9th Edition)

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Delivering the most comprehensive selection of model documents, market-leading Bovee/Thill remains the only text that reflects the multimedia emphasis of real-world business communication. The field’s leading text for more than two decades, Business Communication Today continues to provide cutting-edge coverage students can count on to prepare them for real business practice. Thoroughly revised, updated, and streamlined, the succinct new ninth edition encompasses every medium that students will be expected to use on the job—from conventional printed documents and formal reports to e-mail and instant messages to blogs, podcasts, and wikis.Download Now..

The Naked Trader

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In this revealing new book, top trader Robbie Burns cuts through the jargon to give you the lowdown on the strategies you need to make money from share dealing. Robbie, aka the Naked Trader, is an expert and highly entertaining guide to the sometimes baffling world of the stock market.In between cups of tea, rounds of toast and the occasional 'cuddle' with Mrs Naked Trader, he describes the straightforward techniques that have enabled him to succeed in the markets and escape the rat race.The book kicks off with the basics such as: the best websites, magazines and newspapers to look at the kit you need to get cracking and some key tips for choosing a broker. Robbie then gives you the essential techniques for picking the good shares and, just as importantly, avoiding the bad ones, and finishes up with some more advanced topics like how to make money even when shares fall. Along the way you also get the chance to spend a day with the Naked Trader with an exclusive extract from his private (and revealing) diary.Throughout, everything is explained in plain (sometimes too plain! - Ed) English and with a sense of humour, honesty and enthusiasm rarely found in books about money.Not afraid to bare his soul (among other things) the Naked Trader even reveals some of the painful mistakes that he has made in the markets to help make sure that you do not fall into the same traps. There may not be any guaranteed short cuts to trading success (as an important Naked Trader rule states - 'If it sounds too good to be true it probably is'), but this book gives you everything that you need to learn to trade successfully, and perhaps even escape the 9 to 5 slog like the Naked Trader has.Packed withpractical advice and delivered in a down-to-earth style, this book is all you need to get started.Download Now..

Introduction The changing business environment, of global operations, mergers, decen tralization, increased competition, pressure on budgets etc. , has contributed to a positive change in the workplace. As this change continues, we must keep up to date and follow good standards, principles and practices. To help, we present the 'Paradigm of Project Management', which is based on a simple practical approach to managing projects. The method is flexible and may be applied to any project, although in this book we concentrate on the devel opment of systems. However, it also illustrates that the formation and management of project teams are changing in line with technology. As Dr Tom Peters says: 'Stability and predictability are gone forever . . . '. For example, project teams may work from home (telework), using email and groupware along 'electronic highways'. Therefore, instead of going through a pyramid of people to reach an executive, one can use the Internet, an intranet or an extranet and go direct. Another change is represented by the transient teams and Get -it -Done working approaches. An example of how a global project was managed is one in which Malaysia's International Shipping Corporation (MISC) implemented MISC*Net, a networking project to link online all of its shipping agents worldwide to its HQ in Malaysia. Project management was a key component in the solution prior to awarding the contract. IBM and MISC worked on the International Project Management System.Download Now..

Ecco il nuovo "Manuale di buonsenso in rete" di Alessandra Farabegoli, consulente e coach di marketing online. 160 pagine di preziosi consigli su come comportarsi se si lavora online o se si intende promuovere la propria attivit in rete. Quali strumenti utilizzare, quali scartare e con quali criteri scegliere l'approccio giusto per comparire nel frenetico e spesso confuso mondo di Internet.Download Now..

Strategic Management: Concepts, 3 edition

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Strategic Management, 3e by Frank T. Rothaermel continues to synthesize and integrate theory, empirical research, and practical applications with current, real-world examples. This approach not only offers students a learning experience that uniquely combines rigor and relevance, but it also prepares them for the types of challenges they will face as managers in the globalized and turbulent business environment of the 21st century. Examples profile the products and services of companies that students are familiar with such as Facebook, Google, Starbucks, Apple and Uber. In its characteristic single, strong voice, Strategic Management provides students with the foundation they need to understand how companies gain and sustain competitive advantage, as well as how to become managers capable of making well-reasoned strategic decisions.Download Now..

Marketing, 13 edition

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Marketing 13e utilises a unique innovative and effective pedagogical approach. The elements of this approach have been the foundation for each edition of Marketing and serve as the core of the text and its supplements. They have evolved and adapted to changes in student learning style preferences the growth of the marketing discipline and the development of new instructional technologies. The distinctive features of the approach are illustrated below.High Engagement StyleEasy-to-read conversational high-involvement interactive writing style that engages students through active learning techniques. Rigorous Pedagogical FrameworkPedagogy based on the use of Learning Objectives Learning Reviews Learning Objectives Reviews Applying Marketing Knowledge exercises Building Your Marketing Plan guidelines video and written cases and other helpful supplements.Traditional and Contemporary Coverage and ExamplesComprehensive and integrated coverage of traditional and contemporary marketing concepts supported by current and interesting examples.Integrated TechnologyThe use of powerful technical resources and learning solutions such as Connect LearnSmart with SmartBook and QR codes. Marketing Decision MakingThe use of extended examples cases and videos involving people making marketing decisions. Personalized MarketingVivid and accurate description of businesses nonprofit organizations marketing professionals (including many of whom are women and minorities) and entrepreneurs - through cases exercises and testimonials - that allows students to personalise marketing and identify possible career interests.Course Management System IntegrationMarketing 13e content can be integrated with the following online course management systems: Blackboard WebCT eCollege Moodle and Desire2Learn. The goal of Marketing 13e is to create an exceptional experience for today's students and instructors of marketing. The development of Marketing 13e was based on a rigorous process of assessment. The outcome of this process is a text and package of learning tools that are based on engagement leadership and innovation in marketing education.Download Now..

Key Marketing Metrics

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Key Marketing Metrics is your definitive guide to the most powerful metrics you can use to measure your marketing success. It covers everything you need to know about over 50 of the most important metrics and will help you make the most out of your marketing money." "You'll learn the practical basics of each metric, as well as how and when to apply them. The emphasis is on clarity, simplicity and applicability, so that you can confidently find the tools and strategies that fit best with your needs. With instructive examples embedded throughout, Key Marketing Metrics is the fastest way to find out what you're getting for your marketing spend. Download Now..

Social Media Marketing is a great guide to the relatively new way of marketing through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Written in a clear and accessible way it starts by covering everything from the basics of social media sites, and what each of them are useful for when thinking about your marketing strategy. You'll learn how to make the most of these sites from step-by-step guides and clear and practical text to create a great strategy suited to your needs.Download Now..