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The growth of the internet has been spectacular. There are now more than 3 billion internet users across the globe, some 40 per cent of the world’s population. The internet’s meteoric rise is a phenomenon of enormous significance for the economic, political and social life of contemporary societies. However, much popular and academic writing about the internet continues to take a celebratory view, assuming that the internet’s potential will be realised in essentially positive and transformative ways. This was especially true in the euphoric moment of the mid-1990s, when many commentators wrote about the internet with awe and wonderment. While this moment may be over, its underlying technocentrism – the belief that technology determines outcomes – lingers on and, with it, a failure to understand the internet in its social, economic and political contexts. Misunderstanding the Internet is a short introduction, encompassing the history, sociology, politics and economics of the internet and its impact on society. This expanded and updated second edition is a polemical, sociologically and historically informed guide to the key claims that have been made about the online world. It aims to challenge both popular myths and existing academic orthodoxies that surround the internet. Download Now..

Google Chromebooks 2015 Guide

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There are tons of computing devices out there to catch your eyes. You can use a desktop, an Ipad, a notebook, a handheld computer or settle for a PDA. If you are a business person you might want a supercomputer and a mainframe. But for many of us, we want something that we can move about with. Maybe you might not have seen the advertisements and the marketing blitz, but there is an affordable computer device out there called Google Chromebook. Next time you are surfing the internet, or you walk into an electronic store checkout Google Chromebook and use the information guide below to help you make up your mind. Here is more about Google Chromebooks.Download Now..

The internet has proven that you don't have to be rich or powerful to have your voice heard by the world. And thanks to how simple computer software has become in recent years, you don't have to be a programming whiz kid or a coding savant to create your own blog. However, while creating a blog is almost as easy as a walk in the park, many misconceptions, poor planning, and novice trip-ups are usually responsible for a blog never seeing the light of day or making it past the first step of the creation process. I've got some good news for you... I'm here to help! This book is a compilation of expertise garnered through a decade of blogging, and presents an easy-to-follow 5-step process to create a blog from scratch. Whatever the purpose of your wanting to create a blog: whether it's to have your voice heard, your content aired and enjoyed, your stories read, and your poems recited, or just to have your personal life experience out there to help others, years from now I guarantee that you're going to be very grateful you started today. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... The Purpose of Your Blog Choosing Content and Writing Style Selecting the Right Platform Creating Your Blog How to Gain an Audience Much, much more!Download Now..

A common misconception is that Instagram and other social media apps are only for young people. However, many seniors use social media such as Instagram. This is a guide that introduces Seniors and sharpens their skills in using Instagram. It gives a breakdown of online jargons and technical terms that are commonly used on Instagram. Upon completing this guide Seniors will be able to navigate Instagram like a professional. Download Now..

Just as the automobile radically changed people's lives at the beginning of the 20th century, so too has the revolution in online services (including blogging, podcasting, videogaming, shopping, and social networking) and cell-phone use changed our lives at the turn of the 21st century. In addition, many other services, activities, and devices—including the Palm Pilot, the BlackBerry, the iPod, digital cameras, and cell cameras—have been made possible by the combination of these two technologies. Whereas the automobile allowed people for the first time to work in cities and live comfortably in the suburbs, extending the long commute beyond the limits previously circumscribed by public transportation, the Internet and cell phone allow us to interact with others from around the world—or a few hundred miles—from where we work or live, giving rise to the telecommuting phenomenon and allowing us to stay in touch with friends and families in the new virtual environment. As Hanson demonstrates in her new book, these technologies enable us to work and play 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Download Now..

Facebook fuer Einsteiger [German]

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Facebook fur Menschen, die noch echte Freunde haben. Der Ratgeber zur kritischen Verwendung von Facebook. Was kann man damit machen und wie nutzt man die Dienste passiv und aktiv? Alle relevanten Themen werden behandelt, die Schwerpunkte sind nach den Anforderungen der alteren Generation gesetzt. Ein Fokus liegt auf dem Thema Sicherheit und Datenschutz. Altere Menschen stellen hier zu Recht hohe Anforderungen - und sind oft besonders gefahrdet. Der Ratgeber informiert, wie man ein Facebook-Profil anlegen und einrichten kann, auch anonym, und zeigt, wie man Freunde (wieder-)finden und Freundschaften pflegen kann. Viele Bilder veranschaulichen die ausfuhrlichen Anleitungen, und ein gro?es Glossar hilft mit einfachen Begriffserklarungen. Download Now..

With an emphasis on peer-produced content and collaboration, Wikipedia exemplifies a departure from traditional management and organizational models. This iconic "project" has been variously characterized as a hive mind and an information revolution, attracting millions of new users even as it has been denigrated as anarchic and plagued by misinformation. Has Wikipedia's structure and inner workings promoted its astonishing growth and enduring public relevance? In Common Knowledge?, Dariusz Jemielniak draws on his academic expertise and years of active participation within the Wikipedia community to take readers inside the site, illuminating how it functions and deconstructing its distinctive organization. Against a backdrop of misconceptions about its governance, authenticity, and accessibility, Jemielniak delivers the first ethnography of Wikipedia, revealing that it is not entirely at the mercy of the public: instead, it balances open access and power with a unique bureaucracy that takes a page from traditional organizational forms. Along the way, Jemielniak incorporates fascinating cases that highlight the tug of war among the participants as they forge ahead in this pioneering environment.Download Now..

‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn: Tried And True Tips And Techniques’ is for: · defining and achieving your purpose · managing your LinkedIn Profile, Company Page and Group · exploring LinkedIn features including Newsfeed, Pulse, Apps · job search, career development, business and social enterprise · measuring and improving your performance, statistics, backups · solving issues, taking action and achieving results It includes information for: · students, job seekers and career changers · freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners · advisers, consultants and thought leaders · community groups and professional associations · schools, colleges and universities · anyone who wants to leverage their skills, knowledge and networks This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your purpose, that you can implement today for your success in the future. Get started and take action now!Download Now..

Internet rend-il bete ? [French]

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C'est bien sur a une revolution technique et informationnelle que nous assistons avec Internet. Mais c'est surtout a une revolution dans notre cerveau ! Vous aviez l'habitude de lire tranquillement et de facon lineaire un livre sur lequel vous portiez toute votre attention. Cela pouvait durer des heures pendant lesquelles vous, lecteurs, vous immergiez dans le monde singulier d'un auteur, en y mettant toute la concentration que vous desiriez. Regardez maintenant ce qui se passe quand vous vous connectez a Internet. Vous zappez de page en page par des liens qui vous promenent ici et la, et pendant ce temps vous etes aussi bombardes de messages, parfois d'alertes vous informant qu'un mail vient de vous arriver ou qu'une nouvelle recente vient de mettre un blog ou un site Web (sur un flux RSS) a jour. Que se passe-t-il alors dans notre esprit ? En quoi cet environnement electronique change-t-il notre etat mental, voire notre comportement social ? Ne serons-nous bientot plus capables de nous concentrer plus de quelques minutes sur un texte ? N'allons-nous pas nous contenter de picorer ici et la quelques bribes (de textes, de videos, de messages audio) ? Notre cerveau, incroyablement plastique, s'adapte tres vite aux nouvelles technologies et a leurs nouvelles tentations… Quels sont les avantages et les inconvenients de ces changements pour notre esprit ? Nicholas Carr pose ici une question fondamentale : quel monde nouveau l'Homo sapiens vient-il de se forger et y resistera-t-il ? Dans un detour historique passionnant, il nous rappelle que l'homme s'est constamment cree de nouvelles facons de penser. D'abord en inventant l'ecriture (Sumer, les hieroglyphes egyptiens, et le passage de la culture orale a l'ecrit) puis en faisant evoluer la lecture (devenue silencieuse apres des siecles ou elle se fit a voix haute). L'imprimerie lui a fait accomplir un saut nouveau dans l'acces a la connaissance. Et jusqu'a tres recemment, la capacite a se concentrer dans la lecture, pour tout apprentissage, a ete au c?ur de notre mode d'education. Que va-t-il se passer maintenant que des professeurs d'universite - meme en litterature - ne parviennent plus a faire lire leurs etudiants (Guerre et Paix, A la recherche du temps perdu, c'est bien trop long). Internet va-t-il nous rendre stupides, comme le laissent entendre certaines etudes scientifiques ? Elles montrent en effet que notre comprehension d'un texte est meilleure quand nous pouvons le lire posement, sans etre incite par des liens divers (liens hypertexte) a l'" approfondir " d'une maniere ou d'une autre (par telle ou telle video ou interview complementaire, tel autre texte explicatif, etc.) ! Comment les generations futures vont-elles penser ?Download Now..

Knowledge of number theory and abstract algebra are pre requisites for any engineer designing a secure internet based system. However, most of the books currently available on the subject are aimed at practitioners who just want to know how the various tools available on the market work and what level of security they impart. These books traditionally deal with the science and mathematics only in so far as they are necessary to understand how the tools work. Internet Security differs by its assertion that cryptography is the single most important technology for securing the Internet. To quote one reviewer "if every one of your communication partners were using a secure system based on encryption, viruses, worms and hackers would have a very hard time". This scenario does not reflect the reality of the Internet world as it currently stands. However, with security issues becoming more and more important internationally, engineers of the future will be required to design tougher, safer systems. Internet Security: aeo Offers an in depth introduction to the relevant cryptographic principles, algorithms protocols the nuts and bolts of creating a secure network aeo Links cryptographic principles to the technologies in use on the Internet, eg. PGP, S/MIME, IPsec, SSL TLS, Firewalls and SET (protecting credit card transactions) aeo Provides state of the art analysis of the latest IETF standards plus summaries and explanations of RFC documents aeo Authored by a recognised expert in security Internet Security is the definitive text for graduate students on security and cryptography courses, and researchers in security and cryptography areas. It will prove to be invaluable to professionals engaged in the long term development of secure systems. Download Now..

The NSA hates Tor. So does the FBI. Even Google wants it gone, as do Facebook and Yahoo and every other soul-draining, identity-tracking vampiric media cartel that scans your emails and spies on your private browsing sessions to better target you. But there's hope. This manual will give you the incognito tools that will make you a master of anonymity! Other books tell you to install Tor and then encrypt your hard drive… and leave it at that. I go much deeper, delving into the very engine of ultimate network security, taking it to an art form where you'll receive a new darknet persona - how to be anonymous online without looking like you're trying to be anonymous online. Download Now..

Want to know more about the Tor Browser and how to install it and use it? Read this book! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn… What exactly is the Tor Browser How to download it How to configure it properly so it works Secret tips Much, much more! Check Out What Others Are Saying… ''Wow! really good book. This is not a huge book but everything you need to know is in there. I recommend it'' Tags: Tor Browser, Privacy, Internet, Silk RoadDownload Now..


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Ce livre s’adresse a tous ceux qui s’interessent a Internet, qui veulent comprendre son fonctionnement, connaitre les services disponibles et les evolutions techniques qui l’ont rendu possible. Il n’est pas necessaire d’etre un specialiste de l’informatique pour lire ce livre. La connexion a Internet est abordee sous un jour pratique en presentant les concepts generaux qui permettent de comprendre le fonctionnement d’Internet, ce qu’il faut faire pour se connecter, les interlocuteurs et le materiel ainsi que des exemples concrets d’utilisation des services. Download Now..

Ratgeber Webseiten 2016 , von Bernd Brinker 1950 Webseiten kurz vorgestellt sechste stark erweiterte Auflage Januar 2016. Neu jetzt mit FavoritenQuickie: Die wichtigsten Webseiten mit einem Klick aufrufen. Wie Sie mit dem Internet Geld verdienen konnen. Organisiert in 47 Kapitel finden Sie hier weit uber tausend der besten Webseiten, die direkt aus dem E-Book heraus aufgerufen werden konnen. In der Beschreibung der einzelnen Seite sind ausgesuchte Unterkapitel direkt aufrufbar, sodas man sich nicht erst durch das ganze Menu eines Portals klicken mu?. Durch eine Schnellstartleiste hat man die wichtigsten Portale im Direktzugriff, ohne den umstandlichen Weg uber eine der Suchmaschinen gehen zu mussen. Auf vielen Webseiten la?t sich Geld verdienen. Sei es mit dem Vertrieb von Fotos, als Grafikdesigner oder mit der Produktion eigener Videos. Um nur einige Beispiele zu nennen. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Auftragsborsen in denen Firmen, Selbstandige, Freiberufler und Handwerker nach Auftragen recherchieren und Angebote abgeben konnen. Selbst Models und Statisten, aller Altersgruppen, werden im Showbusiness oft nur noch uber spezielle Jobborsen im Internet angeworben. Sei es als Nebenjob oder hauptberuflich. Hier finden Sie die wichtigsten in der Ubersicht. In den zahlreichen anderen Jobborsen findet man zudem -zig tausende freier Stellen. Ein Kapitel widmet sich den Live Webseiten mit dem weltweiten Schiffsbewegungen und dem aktuellem internationalem Flugverkehr. Uber den Schiffsnamen la?t sich z.B. die aktuelle Position feststellen, die dann auf einer Weltkarte angezeigt wird. Den deutschen Bahnverkehr live beobachten geht ebenso wie den aktuellen Strassenverkehr. Alles mit einem Klick verfugbar. Preisvergleichseiten, Bewertungsportale, Suchmaschinen und vieles mehr. Entdecken Sie Webseiten, von denen Sie bisher noch nicht einmal geglaubt haben das es sowas geben kann. Download Now..