The Department of Homeland Security advises all citizens to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan, along with a Disaster Supply Kit . . . but who has the time? Don’t panic—it’s Joey Green to the rescue! Last-Minute Survival Secrets contains more than a hundred ingenious survival tips that may sound quirky at first but really do work. You will discover how to escape perilous situations using common household products: • Start a campfire with potato chips • Create a Wi-Fi antenna from a coffee can • Repair a broken fan belt with a pair of panty hose • Prevent heatstroke with a disposable diaper • Remove cactus spines with Elmer’s glue • Open a locked suitcase with a ballpoint pen • And much, much more! The book also includes interesting and goofy sidebars related to these survival tactics and fascinating trivia to keep you entertained until FEMA arrives—which may be a while. It’s the perfect resource for armchair survivalists, budding MacGyvers, and adventurists on a budget.Download Now..

A book written primarily as a professional reference that nonetheless has proven useful to amateurs because of the depth of the information provided. Gardeners who grow flowers for creating floral displays will find the author's recommendations on optimal stages of harvest invaluable. Review "This will be especially useful to those with cutting gardens." Download Now..

Best of Stitch: Beautiful Bedrooms

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Brighten up your boudoir with twenty sewing projects! Stitch magazine readers can’t get enough of pillows and other home-decor accessories. Perhaps it’s because home-decor items are among the most accessible of sewing projects: quick to make, no fitting required, and fun to show off. And what better place to use and showcase these items than where you lay your head? Best of Stitch: Beautiful Bedrooms brings together a colorful, sensory feast of favorite and fresh projects that are easy on the eye and just a little bit sultry. You will learn new skills and find creative ways to make your sleeping quarters a showplace for handmade items. The book includes twenty projects as well as tips and sidebars on special techniques and troubleshooting advice for construction, handstitching, working with fabrics, and embellishing. A ”Sewing Basics” reference section at the back of the book covers the skills necessary for creating each project.Download Now..

Knots in Use, 4th edition

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Knots in Use is a bestseller amongst knotting books. A handy pocket size, it covers all the most useful and practical knots, bends, hitches, whippings and splices used everyday by anyone going to sea - a unique benefit. It shows at a glance both how to tie the knot, bend or hitch, and how to use it most effectively. As an added feature this new edition now includes QR codes that link to explanatory videos - a real boon for novices and experts alike. Colin Jarman's straightforward text and excellent colour photographs coupled with online video demonstrations make this a very user-friendly book - ideal for skippers, crew and the many evening class students who have relied on it over the years. Knots in Use is the must-have guide for anyone going to sea. 'A bestseller among knotting books' Kelvin HughesDownload Now..

Bossidy, an award-winning executive at General Electric and Allied Signal, came out of retirement to tend to Honeywell (and bring it back to prominence) after it failed to merge with General Electric. Charan has taught at Harvard and Kellogg Business Schools. Collaborating with editor and writer Burck, they present the viewpoint that execution (that is, linking a company's people, strategy, and operations) is what will determine success in today's business world. Bossidy and Charan aver that execution is a discipline integral to strategy, that it is the major job of any business leader hoping not just to be a success but to dominate a market, and that it is a core element of corporate culture. Details of both successful and unsuccessful executions at corporations such as Dell, Johnson & Johnson, and Xerox, to name a few, support not only their how-to method for bringing execution to the forefront but also the need for it. Each author addresses specific topics in paragraphs that begin with either "Larry" or "Ram," and this easy style adds to the appeal of a very readable book. Recommended for academic and public libraries.Download Now..

Growing cannabis has never been easier, with advances in technology and new strains of auto-flowering cannabis emerging. More people than ever have now decided to start growing their own bud. Like many growers before you, you’ve realized that growing your own Amsterdam quality bud is the way forward. In my book I show you how to grow the best weed possible, indoors and outdoors. I also tell you how and when to harvest the best buds. I’ve also disclosed my secret method of drying buds to perfect, fluffy Amsterdam quality! Then I’ll tell you how to make Afghan black hashish! Not soap-bar but pure narcotic hashish! All this presented in an easy no nonsense way with Step By Step Instructions and full color photos throughout. I also cover outdoor stealth and gorilla growing, how to protect plants indoors and outside. Hiding your grow-rooms from nosy neighbors and the authorities. With over 40 year’s experience of growing, I know my stuff. “Better than Amsterdam’s’ weed” “Can’t move” “Never had better hashish” ”Couldn’t drive for hours because I was tripping!” Packed full of tips and useful advice throughout plus meet the Ganja Guru as well Chapters include: Which weed to grow Male & female seeds Mother plants Taking clone cuttings Growing indoors Creating a sealed environment Water pH and nutrients Lights Step by step setup for indoor growing Growing outdoors - Gorilla growing Where to grow outside Making Afghan black hashish Plus many more! Packed full of use information - throughout! Download Now..

Basic guide to the do it yourself home builder, covering topics from planning the design, choosing the right property, protecting yourself with the correct insurance coverage during and after construction, protecting yourself with subcontract agreements. This publication takes you from the planning stages of the project through framing and thermal protection. Download Now..

We live in an incredible modern world. Technology is advancing so fast. The remote-control hobby has been around for quite a while now, and only recently have drones been on the climb. Tons of people are intrigued by FPV and photo capabilities of drones, which has led to their success. Have you ever thought of questions like: “Do you want a drone to fly around and take pictures?” “Are you worried about the price of buying an expensive drone?” “Do you simply have a desire to learn and build your own Quadcopter?” I have always enjoyed flying RC aircraft. Now that I have my own Quadcopter Drone, it expands my passion for the RC hobby. By learning how to build your very own drone, it makes flying it much more meaningful. You learn and experience things you wouldn’t by buying one off the shelf. This eBook is your guide to building your Quadcopter Drone. This eBook will cover everything you need to know about building your own Drone. It is a step-by-step tutorial explaining each part and function. The book is full of pictures to help you fully understand the process. Building a Quadcopter is not an easy task, but in this eBook, I will show you how. This guide is the only guide you will need to build your own Drone. I struggled building my first one because I had no idea what I needed to do. That is why I created this complete tutorial for you to quickly and easily understand what to do. This eBook is all you need to understand about Quadcopters. But, don’t take my word for it, read what others are saying: “This book helped me understand the process of building a quadcopter much better. The photographs included really help to illustrate the process in a step-by-step method.” -Mary, from Utah “This book is an excellent step-by-step guide in helping a beginnner know how to put together their first Quadcopter. The pictures were very helpful in knowing how each of the parts relate to one another. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to build their own Quadcopter!” -Randy, from Utah Benefits of this eBook include: Step-by-step tutorial Easy to read Picture guide Simple process Learn how to build your very own Quadcopter Drone In this eBook, you can expect six parts to Build a Quadcopter Drone: Part one – Assemble Frame and Attach Motors – This is where you will assemble your Quadcopter frame. You will also attach the motors. Part two – Soldering The ESC’s and PDB – In this section, you will be soldering wires. Don’t worry, there is a detailed explanation on soldering. Part three – Mount The Electronics – Now it’s time to place and position everything onto the frame. Part four – Connecting Wires – This is where you will connect everything together. Part five – Setup and Testing – In this part, you will learn how to setup and get ready to fly your Quadcopter. Part six – Setting Up The FPV – This section is where your Quadcopter becomes a drone! Resources: Parts List – A complete parts list of everything I purchased for my Quadcopter. I’m telling you that this eBook is your answer to learning about building your own Quadcopter Drone. If you have any question about it, just ask me. If you are thinking twice about it, read the reviews of what others are saying. Otherwise, go ahead and Order Now to checkout the complete tutorial on building a Quadcopter Drone!Download Now..

THE FIRST GUIDE SHOWING YOU HOW TO CRAFT THESE WILDLY POPULAR, WHIMSICAL, AND GLAMOROUS HAIR ACCESSORIES AT HOME Whether you're at a wedding, going out on the town or partying at a musical festival, the flower crowns in this book will make your outfit standout for any occasion. With step-by-step instructions and photos, tips for choosing flowers and hints on color combinations, this is the ultimate guide to creating gorgeous crowns, including: ROSEBUD & DAISY GREEK GODDESS LEAVES & LAVENDER HARVEST PINK PEONY FRESH SUNFLOWER SUMMER CONCERT WILDFLOWER TULIP & DELPHINIUM MARDI GRAS FAUX FLOWER BLUSHING BRIDE HAIRPIECEDownload Now..

Origami Fantastic Creatures

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Make origami monsters and mythical creatures with this easy origami book. You'll bring some of history's most beloved and feared mythical creatures to life with this exciting collection of origami. These beginner and intermediate origami projects are perfect for children and adults with basic folding skills. They are ideal for party decorations, for gifts, or just for fun! World-renowned origami author and artist Michael LaFosse provides easy-to-follow instructions along with clear illustrations that will have you folding origami models in no time. Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to decorate your room or as a wonderful gift for mythology lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. Start folding right away! This origami book contains: 48 page, full color origami book Step-by-step directions Color diagrams and illustrations 25 fun origami projects Origami Fantastic Creatures is perfect for both home and school craft projects—as well as a wonderful gift for fantasy lovers. Origami projects include: Phoenix Kraken Gargoyle Chinese Dragon Cyclops Loch Ness Monster And many more…Download Now..

Martin Crawford has researched and experimented with tree crops for 25 years and has selected over 100 of the best trees producing fruits, nuts, edible leaves and other useful products that can be grown in Europe and North America. From more common species such as apple and plum to the more unusual such as buffaloberry and pepper trees, Martin provides in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of trees for orchards and forest gardens. Each of the trees or tree groups include details of: • Origin and history • Description and uses • Varieties/Cultivars • Cultivation, pests and diseases • Related species • European and North American suppliers • Colour photos accompany every entry The appendices makes choosing trees for your situation easy, with lists of suitable trees for specific situations plus flow charts to guide you. If you want to know about and use the large diversity of tree crops that are available in temperate and continental climates, then this book is both fascinating and essential reading by an internationally acknowledged expert. Download Now..

Imkern wird immer beliebter. Grunde dafur gibt es viele – sei es als Ausgleich zum Beruf, aktiver Natur- und Tierschutz oder die eigene Ernte von unbelastetem Honig. Das notige Wissen fur die Bienenhaltung, von der Anschaffung bis zur Pflege, die Honiggewinnung und alle damit verbundenen Tatigkeiten finden angehende Hobby-Imker in diesem praktischen Ratgeber. Mit zahlreichen Profi-Tipps und Schritt-fur-Schritt-Anleitungen.Download Now..

Jane Brocket has a joyous and colorful approach to quilting, using simple shapes and patterns to stunning effect. With "inspirational fabrics" as her starting point, Brocket explores not only made-for-the-market patchwork materials, but also unique alternatives like clothes, curtains, and upholstery. Quilters will love her designs for "Granny Takes a Trip," with its vintage look and hand-embroidery "Needlepoint Squares," "Crinoline Lady," and more!Download Now..

Jane Packer's Flower Course

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This book imparts the secrets of successful flower arranging to every reader, novice and expert alike. In Jane Packer's Flower Course, celebrated florist Jane Packer covers the same ground as the highly regarded four-week career course taught in her flower school, putting her wealth of experience and her celebrated designs within the reach of every reader. This beautiful new book is divided into three sections. covering irresistible floral gifts, gorgeous arrangements of all shapes and sizes, and fabulous party and wedding flowers. Jane Packer is one of Britain's best-known floral artists. She established Jane Packer Flowers in 1982 and now has outlets in London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Kuwait City.Download Now..

Setting out from the premise that it doesn't take lots of money to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere, the author delivers practicality and inspiration that's affordable. Each chapter addresses the most common problems encountered in a particular space-living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, or hall-and presents solutions and sample layouts, as well as numerous color photos showing transformed spaces that illustrate small-space design tips. Libby also spells out the top ten mistakes people make in small spaces, and provides step-by-step instructions for painting and hanging art. An invaluable resource for apartment dwellers, first-time homeowners, and anyone looking to downsize, Libby Langdon's "Small Space Solutions" proves that living with less doesn't mean living without luxury.Download Now..